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Adam J. Frazier

Owner & Creative Director


Mr. Frazier has been the owner and chief media designer of Seven Hills Artistic Designs, an independent graphic design firm centered in Tallahassee, FL, since 2005.  Adam J. Frazier has been a graphic designer, website specialist and print production manager for various companies and institutions in the Tallahassee area since 2003.   Mr. Frazier's greatest attributes are the unique understanding,  integration and implementation of various media platforms including the fields of digital graphic design, photography, animation, videography, web design and print production; making him a multifaceted designer and producer of various formats of marketing and advertising.  He also understands the importance of project management with an emphasis on staying within budget and completing projects in a timely fashion or by their required deadline.  Finally, it is the goal of Adam J. Frazier to treat every customer with the utmost respect and  ensure the complete satisfaction of the finished product received by each customer.


Mr. Frazier holds a bachelors of science degree in International Affairs from Florida State University, as well as attended Savannah College of Art and Design's Masters in Fine Arts Program.


    Highly motivated and creative professional with exceptional experience in the aspects of graphic design, web design, videography as well as animation and the ability to integrate such media formats to build cutting edge marketing layouts.


    Graphic design experience includes, but is not limited to, the use and integration of computer software, photography, typography, and hand drawn illustrations in preparation for press, Internet and video production.


    Web experience  includes the design, layout, site structure, implementation and search engine optimization (seo) of multiple sites; catering to the specific needs of each client.


    Videography/video production and animation experience includes the use of digital video and animation designed to deliver high impact visual messages to target specific audiences.


    The capability to lead and work in group settings, keeping an open mind for suggestions through out the creative and production processes while managing others, multitasking, and making decisions in a timely manner.


    Savannah College of Art & Design

    Savannah, GA

    Animation MFA Program


    Florida State University

    Tallahassee, FL

    Bachelor in International Affairs, Graduate: 2000


    •Design of large format prints

    •Catalog layout designs

    •Print templates

    •Photography alteration


    •Proofing and file formating

    •Production workflow management

    •Machine supervision & maintenance

    •Web design, implementation, & seo

    •Video production & animation

    •Cross-platform integration

    •Research & development


    •Adobe Distiller

    •Adobe Illustrator

    •Adobe Photoshop

    •Adobe InDesign

    •Adobe Acrobat

    •Adobe After Effects

    •Adobe Premiere

    •Final Cut Pro

    •Maya 3-D

    •Blender 3-D


    •Adobe Animate

    •Adobe Edge

    •Adobe Muse

    •Adobe Prelude



              Multimedia Designer / Chief Designer

    ALTRUA MARKETING & DESIGN - March 2007 to May 2012

              Graphic Designer / Assistant Production Director

    LEGALLY COPIED - January 2007 to March 2007

              Graphic Designer / Printer Operator


              Graphic Designer



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